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… is something you may have come to expect to find here after visiting several of my competitors’ websites. Sorry to disappoint. I do not measure my services in packages because I would not like for you, as my client, to be confined to any predetermined set of rules and conditions when it comes to creating a memory of what is likely to become the most important day of your life. Same as I don’t like to set limits to my own freedom of artistic expression when it comes to filmmaking. What I do instead is offer a list of essentials that every wedding film that fits my standards must have, which you, in turn,  are free to further customize to your specific needs with the help of my broad and comprehensive list of add-ons.



The Essentials - $1999


- Up to 8 hours of coverage.


- One cinematographer simultaneously operating multiple DSLR-type cameras to capture alternative angles for all of the key moments, beautiful reaction and detail shots with that amazing unmistakable cinematic feel to the footage, that you know when you see it, but can't quite put your finger on it.


- Artistic off-camera lighting for your reception that will allow us to capture clean crisp well lit footage even in the darkest of venues.


- Professional independent audio recording, capturing clear sound of the ceremony, vows, and all of the toasts and speeches during the reception (DJ/band cooperation required).*


*In a film, great sound is equally as important as the picture. Decent video and picture quality will make your wedding film look good. But the audio is the heart and soul of your story, it is what will make it unique. We pride ourselves on making absolutely sure that the audio is always captured in the best way possible, always running multiple backups in case anything goes wrong with one of the audio sources.


- Boutique quality creative non-linear edit producing a beautiful cinematic highlight short film that will tell your personal story in a way that is sure to bring laughs and tears to your eyes for years to come (3-8 minutes long).



"The More - The Merrier!" - $699/$399

Second lead cinematographer - $699 (Seasoned shooter, competent enough to shoot on their own.)

Assistant cinematographer - $399 (Less experienced shooter, will perform adequately most of the time.)

Full disclosure: I did not include this in "The Essentials" so that I could keep my starting price down in order to accommodate couples with lower budget, not because I consider it less essential. Because it's not. Sure, it is possible to do a decent enough job on your own. You can even imitate having a second shooter by adding additional unmanned stationary cameras, hoping that things like composition and lighting conditions won't change and the cameras continue rolling without any supervision. But the reality is, conditions may change, equipment may malfunction, people may bump into unmanned  cameras, which will result in important shots being missed. Simply put, this isn't a one man job if you want it done right, and anyone who tells you different is being either dishonest or ignorant.

"Feature!" - $699

Extended cinematic feature film, 8-12 minutes long. Same style and quality, more substance. Our most popular format.

"Featuristic" - $999

Full cinematic feature film, 12-20 minutes long. Slightly slower paced, closer to a documentary style edit, Extended coverage of speeches and other key moments.

"No Moment Left Behind!" - $299

Get the entire raw unedited footage captured by us throughout the day.


"Dearly Beloved!" - $299


A documentary style multicam edit of your entire wedding ceremony captured with crisp and clear sound of your vows.


"Last Time He'll Have the Upper Hand!" - $299


A documentary style multicam edit of all of your toasts and speeches captured with crisp and clear sound.


"The King" - $199


Want to make your shy friends look and feel like rockstars while they are toasting to your eternal health and happiness? You've come to the right place!

Get your toasts and speeches look and sound as amazing on video as are the people giving them by allowing us to provide all the necessary audio equipment for capturing your speeches, including our personal favorite, the legendary vintage Shure Super 55 Deluxe microphone.*


*Relies on your DJ/band's full cooperation, as their PA system will still be required for your guests to hear everything that is being said.


"Birdseye!" - $499*


Set your wedding film apart by adding breathtaking aerial establishing shots of the locations.


*Must abide the current local drone regulations, subject to availability.


"Instagram Teaser!" - $199


A short (up to 1 minute) teaser uploaded to Instagram that is sure to grab all the attention your wedding deserves and instill great anticipation in the hearts of all its viewers.


"Same Day Edit!" - $899


A quick recap edit of your wedding day leading up to that point, presented on a high definition projector during your reception, for you and all of your guests to enjoy. Subject to availability.


"No Time Like Overtime!" - $75/30min per shooter


8 hours won't cut it? Didn't think it would.


"Let's Get Physical!" - Master: $200, Extras: $40/disc, $60/usb

Get your film delivered on a custom designed USB drive, Blu-ray, or DVD.


"What's a DVD?!" - $300/year


Your film hosted online with a fully functional DVD-style menu that you can easily download or stream at any point, as well as share it with everyone you love (or hate, in case you want to make them insanely jealous).


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